SASA (Sustainable Agriculture Student Association)

Fall 2013 Volunteer Hours:    Monday – Friday from 1:00pm-5:00pm  Join us!


Experiential learning, hands-on experience, and real community: Come explore the Howdy Farm!


Since its birth in 2009, the Texas A&M Howdy! Farm has served the TAMU  students, faculty, community, school children and many others. Our program is based upon three principles:

  1. A focus on sustainable agriculture principles and practices,
  2. An emphasis on hands-on experiential learning,
  3. The encouragement of student initiative, creativity, and exploration.

The Howdy! Farm offers a variety of opportunities for students to learn and explore the many aspects of sustainable agriculture. These opportunities include internships, formal courses and research projects.


The Howdy Farm offers various internship experiences as part of our sustainable agriculture program.  The Howdy! Farm internships are designed to be a crash course in organic horticulture crop production methods, field management, food processing, marketing and sales, social media, entrepreneurship and community development.

Apply Here!


Spring 2012 Volunteer Hours:  Monday – Friday from 1:00pm-5:00pm  Join us! 

The Howdy farm provides an opportunity for any student interested in learning about sustainable agriculture. We exist to reach students of unrelated majors and encourage them to explore the origins of their daily bread. You can volunteer whenever you like but we typically host volunteer hours in fall and spring semester on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1-5.   The student volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and interests, with most having little prior knowledge of food production. Most students have taken roles in crop production, while others have assisted in data collection, marketing and advertising. You don’t have to sweat in the field if it’s not their thing- they can take pictures or write articles or build business plans- it is one of the few places for student education where the student actually gets to dictate what he or she learns. The interdisciplinary nature of The Howdy! Farm provides a unique classroom for students to excel in their interests as well as develop new skill sets.

Student Farm Employees:

Student farm employees are paid part-time to mange the farm. Their duties include managing the greenhouses, field, and community supported agriculture research program. Student employees assist in training interns and undergraduate researches. Each employee receive their wages from the produce raised and sold at the farm. It is encouraged but not mandated that student employees have completed an internship or undergraduate research project at the Howdy! Farm. The students are overseen by Corey Wahl. Please contact him at for more information.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities:

Undergraduate Research is one of the recognized “High Impact” practices in which TAMU encourages you to participate. But to many people the word “research” conjures up men with crazy hair in white lab coats pouring smoking colored liquids back and forth in a laboratory. “Research” at Texas A&M means something much broader-research includes not just chemistry experiments but also scholarly and creative endeavors. At the farm, we encourage you to study whatever you like.  Wether it’s aquaponic or hydroponic greenhouse production, social dynamics of urban farming, psychology, nutriton, ergonomics or ecological management. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

Hort 485 – Special Problems Course

You can research any Prerequisites: Sophomore, junior or senior classification; approval of instructor; 2.0 GPR in major and overall. Up to 4 course hour credit may be earned. Email: Corey Wahl, Marissa Faris, or Dr. Lombardini

Graduate Research:

The Howdy! Farm has helped facilitate two graduate research projects.

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