Sustainable Living Fest in Houston on May 5

27 Apr

Anyone interested in attending? And maybe collaborating with Houstonites to hold an event here at Howdy Farm?  Sustainable Living Fest in Houston on  May 5

About the Fest: Before there were superstores, there was the general store.  Before organic was a decision one made, it was a way of life. More and more, Houstonians are making decisions that are about returning to these values while remaining firmly cemented in the now. The Sustainable Living Fest is about celebrating this movement, and this city.

It began as a health and sustainability expo in conjunction with Earth Week at Georgia’s Market West Houston.  The response from the green community was resounding. And the Fest would see another year.  No one could know how quickly it would become something else entirely.  As Houston’s own knowledge and fervor for local and sustainable living grew, so did the Fest. With music, art, food, fashion, shopping- this near-zero waste event (NZW) is the only Fest of its kind in Texas!

More than anything, the Sustainable Living Fest is about this great city. It’s about showcasing the best and the brightest Houston has to offer. It’s about fantastic local talent and the best local eats- about children playing with earth, interactive demonstrations and progressive trends in local businesses. It’s about connecting community. It’s about time to take Houston sustainability from a tradition to trend and back again.


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