What is that in your yard? Starting Tomatoes and other Plants with a Wall O’ Water

4 Apr

By Shawna Manning, Local Organic Gardener
Bryan, TX

Like most gardeners, February comes around, a warm day hits, and I just can’t stay out of the garden. The desire to plant the seedlings I have been diligently nurturing is overwhelming. Of course, I don’t want them to die when the temperature plummets, so rather than obsessively monitoring the weather forecast; I switched to using water walls. Their real name is Wall O’ Water, but that doesn’t roll off my tongue like water walls when my friends ask, “What are those things?” For the backyard gardener these are a fabulous and inexpensive way (approximately $3.50 – $5 each) to maintain peace of mind during the unpredictable spring. I ordered mine online before I found a local vendor.

What do they look like? A picture says a thousand words.
Wall O' Water
They stand on their own once filled with water and are reusable for 3 to 5 years. The concept is simple and effective – water insulation. The sun heats the water in the plastic tubes during the day. At night that heat radiates and keeps the plant warm.  This radiant heat will protect the plant down to 16 degrees.

A water wall can increase the growing season up to 8 weeks. This means I can plant my seedlings in early February rather than mid-March. While other gardeners are planting their transplants I am admiring my large plant and anticipating an early harvest.  Wall O Water or Red Tomato Teepees (the red colored plastic allows the water to heat more quickly) are particularly advantageous with tomatoes.


Wall O' Water Top

  • Use to protect succulents in planters too heavy to move
  • Clean before storage by adding distilled white vinegar to each water tube (I used a gallon of vinegar for each wall) while it is still around the plant (this prevents having to refill all the tubes), remove wall from plant a after a couple of days; empty vinegar water and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Store away from the Texas sun when not in use

For more specific details on using Wall O’ Water


To Purchase…

Red Tomato Teepees

Wall O’ Water


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